3 things about me:

webdad3 has been my online moniker for over 20 years
My favorite programming book is: The Pragmatic Programmer
I'm not on Insta, or Facebook, but I am on Twitter

I've been a developer for 20+ years!

This started as my hobby, but became my profession. I practice my craft, because I enjoy what I do. I've created many of my own projects over the years, including the following:

  • parentsdb.com
  • godsufer.com
  • 7 Windows Phone apps
  • 2 Windows 8 apps

I'm working on a new project, called prayerSurfer.com

My history:

I started out writing VB5/6 applications. Then I spent a few years at a startup doing classic ASP development, then migrated to .Net 1.1 doing windows & web forms applications in vb.Net. I had a side project that was in php that eventually lead me to C#. I've been mostly been doing C# & the Microsoft stack until recently. I am currently on an Angular project, however, I really like vue.js.