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webdad3 has been my online moniker for just about 15 years now. It obviously represents that I am a father of 3. When I created the name I was a novice web developer, so I put the 2 most important things together and viola webdad3! I bought the domain about 3 years ago now. I am using this domain as my test bed for different php applications and technologies that I learn.

webdad3 Technologies is my software and web development company. I have been working in the I.T. industry for 15+ years and my specialty is custom business software. Please contact me with any software or web development needs at:

Current Projects:

  • is a tool for programmers to study for the next technical interview! The questions on this site strives to be a comprehensive list of questions that we run into during technical interviews. We can't know everything, so is the tool to help!

    Now in #BETA!